Balancing Work and Fun in the Summertime

Summer is absolutely my favorite time of year living in Austin. Whether i’m biking to Barton Springs for a swim, getting shaved ice at a food truck, or just enjoying the long evenings after a hot day, I can’t get enough. Getting my work done is also important to me in the summer, though, especially when I otherwise have just want to kick back and have fun.

So as I budget my time around in June, July, and August, it’s nice to know that I can block off periods of my schedule when I’ll be at Createscape and be productive. The way I see it, the faster I get my work done, the faster I can go swimming afterward. I usually travel more in the summertime, too. Just last week I was in Los Angeles for RuPaul’s Drag Con, where I met a bunch of famous drag queens, took selfies, and overall had a blast. But any time I travel I can also get behind on my work, so to avoid the inevitable temptation to slack off at home, I get back in the office as soon as I can to get caught up. 

(From Left to Right) Alaska, John Baxa, Keller Davis

(From Left to Right) Alaska, John Baxa, Keller Davis

More than anything, having a place like Createscape to go to in the summer allows me to keep a clear focus on work versus play. So to those of you coworking with us in June: come for the cool air-conditioning, stay for the great people!

Written by Keller Davis