It’s OK if Work is Ruff

Since we didn’t celebrate “Take Your Dog to Work Day” in June -- which was the official holiday’s 21st anniversary -- we thought we’d spend a minute now talking about why a policy inviting dogs to the workplace is good for business.

After, if you’re interested in learning more about TYDTWDay, check out their website and consider supporting your favorite pet charity. 

Reduces stress - Dogs at the office are a stress reliever for everyone. Need proof? In 2018, wrote about a study that looked at whether office pets reduce stress levels and boost productivity. Researchers evaluated stress hormone levels in factory workers. The employees who were in the vicinity of a dog during the study had lower levels of cortisol compared to those who were not in the company of a pet. The study author also said that petting a dog is relaxing for everyone at the office -- not just pet moms and dads.

Take more breaks - You’ve probably heard a million times how important it is to take a break from your work -- about 10 minutes every hour, especially if you sit at a desk most of the day. You know who’s more likely to take multiple breaks at work? Pet owners, that’s who. Think about it: dogs need at least two bathroom breaks in an eight hour day. And then there are all of those other mini breaks to take when you see those sad puppy dog eyes begging to go outside for some fresh air.

Kind of the way Mike looks here:


According to, people are more engaged in their work and have a lower risk of experiencing burnout when they take frequent breaks. 

Work is more fun - If dog-friendly workplaces weren’t enough of an incentive to get your butt to the office every day, do you think Amazon, Google, and Airbnb would be so pet-friendly? There are about 6,000 dogs registered with Amazon human resources and about 500 pooches are in the office on any given day. Google’s animal-friendly policy is written into the company’s code of conduct and their Austin office has a 29th floor dag park called Pine Patio. Nestle Purina Petcare in St. Louis apparently holds a world record for having most pets in the office at one time. Plus, the company provides $250 to employees who adopt a pet. 

People at work are friendlier - You know when you’re talking to your pup with that cutesy-baby voice? Well, whatever chemicals are hijacking your brain when that happens are also present when you’re at the office with your dog -- or with your coworkers’ dogs. You’re also more likely to learn the names of coworkers who have dogs and those who are friendly to your dog. So if you’re not sure how to break the ice with others at the office, try this line, “Who’s a good boy?!”