Member Q&A with Ireion Anthony

So, to start, can you tell us your name and what you do?

My name is Ireion Anthony and I am the owner of TopSpin Golf & Tennis, LLC. I teach tennis and golf to preschool and elementary school students all around Austin, TX and surrounding areas. If anyone ever wants to check it out, my website is

How do you pronounce Ireion? Is it like I-ree-ahn?

That is very good actually. I would stress the “I” even further and say “EYE” – REE – AHN. I usually verbally describe my “I” as a hard “I” to people and they get it like so. Once they see it’s spelling thereafter, it’s all good from there. 

That’s a unique name (coming from someone who’s name is not that unique but lots of people pronounce it wrong, anyway)! Are you surprised when people pronounce your name correctly the first time?

Since I have been living in Texas, I have witnessed more people pronouncing my name correctly here than in my home state of Louisiana. Probably because there are so many other variations of my name that people have created back home. I usually like to brag that I was the original in my name’s spelling. Only because (after extensive research on Facebook) I am the oldest of all the females with my name. Not only this, but also, with those same women, they now live in different cities, but they’re all from my home city of New Orleans, LA.

You’re probably sick of talking about pronouncing your name. How did you get into golf? 

I have always had an interest in golf. As a young kid, I found it quite boring when it would show up on tv ALL DAY on Saturdays after cartoons and I could NEVER understand why people were so into it… but I am weird. I take an interest in things that I don’t quite understand. So, when I finally got a chance to take lessons, it all clicked! Something about the human nature of hitting balls with sticks, I tell ya. Golf is one of the most meditative sports out there. I honestly get why people play it as a weekend ritual. You get lost in finding that sweet spot of a pose to knock that ball out into space. When you hear the sound your club makes when it hits the ball, it’s like experiencing euphoria because you know that THAT was the shot. It’s something else… a total stress reliever from life. I think everyone should take at least one good round of lessons to learn the basics and then do it. You would be absolutely surprised. I think most people, If not everyone, would come to love it for themselves. 

Did you ever watch the West Wing

No, I do not.

OK, let me set up the scene. It’s a weekend afternoon and CJ Cregg, who is now Chief of Staff, is in her office with Kate Harper, the Deputy National Security Officer. CJ and Kate are discussing the latest crisis. While they’re waiting for another person to show up to the meeting, they had this exchange:


I saw that exchange… golf is serious. If you are ever in a mental, emotional, or just plain stressful crisis, play golf. If you cannot right away, mini golf is a GREAT quick fix. 

What is your golf score? Your par??

I don’t know! I need to find out. I think I have a pretty great swing, but I only know the basics. I can hang in the game if invited to a game, but knowing my par is still yet to be learned. 

In your opinion, which POTUS played golf the best? 

I have no idea. I didn’t get into golf until our current President, and I read he skips serious work to golf (which totally makes sense – see above), and when he does golf, he is known to cheat. With that information, I can safely say, any POTUS who isn’t known to cheat gets my vote? [Ed Note: I’m assuming you’re referring to “Commander in Cheat,” by Rick Reilly. This is the book that reveals caddy’s nickname for Trump: Pele. It’s because he’s known to kick his ball into the fairway. He also kicks competitors’ balls into sand traps. He claims he has a 2.8 handicap, which would be better than many hall of famers (who say his handicap is more like an 8, 9, or 10, depending on who you ask.) Plus lots of other revelations.]

You're obviously very athletic. Do you ever lay around weekends and watch Netflix? If Netflix were golf, I would be very good at golf. 

No, not Netflix, Riki – Hulu. Hulu is my golf, lol.

So how did you find Createscape? What is your Createscape origin story?

When I was setting up my company in 2017, I was commuting back and forth between Austin and Houston. While seeking out contracts, I would literally go hunting (my credit card as my rifle, my car as my horse) for a coffee shop that wasn’t Starbucks. The coffee in Austin was the first thing I fell in love with. Once, I went into this little square complex of small businesses where within was a local coffee shop with great reviews. Sure enough, I passed by what was called a “co-working space.” I stood outside of this place and was reading about the hours and prices. I did this while people on the inside were working, if not staring at me like I was a stalker. I thought it was awesome because I was getting tired working somewhere different every day trying to get work done and constantly spending money on food and drinks just to work. I also longed for some kind of community to get to know others too. 

So, you know me – through extensive research – I searched for co-working offices in Austin and I found you all! Createscape had great reviews (I am HUGE on reviews), was reasonable, and was known as this quaint and quiet little spot in East Austin. While everyone else was making me leave voicemails, Rachel was this happy voice in the phone that invited me to come visit. I visited once or twice as a guest and loved it so much because it was so cute and free! Then I met Keller who was very much the personality of this place that I could have ever hoped for. Lastly, I met you too, Riki, with your two adorable 4-legged kids. {Ed note: They would be Mike and Ellie, the chihuahuas.] All of you combined at Createscape just completely sealed the deal for me and from there I have not looked back. 

I recall when you first joined you were commuting to Austin from Houston! That’s a crazy, long commute. Do you still live in Houston? 

I am an official transplant to Austin as of February 2018!!

Thanks for talking to us!

Member Q&A with Ireion Anthony

Compiled by Riki Markowitz