Member Q&A with Krista Miller

Hey Krista, you joined in February and are a part-time member. Can you explain what it’s like to have a part-time membership here? What do you do the three weeks of the month when you’re not at Createscape? 

Part-time coworking has been the best of both worlds for me. I have a photography studio in my home where I do all of my editing and a lot of my shooting. I use my time at Createscape to work on business admin type work (all the stuff it takes to run a photo business that isn't the actual photography), and I love the chance to be around other people, in general, but also to be around other individuals who are pursuing their passions and are driven to succeed. It's energizing and inspiring. 

The only thing I know about you is that you’re a photographer because when you joined you signed up as Krista Miller Photography. Can you tell us about the work you do? 

I am, indeed, a photographer! I've been obsessed with taking photos since I was about 12 years old. Now I am super lucky to be making a career out of it! Currently, I partner with mission-driven individuals, businesses, and organizations around the world to create meaningful imagery for their brand. Those images range from headshots to product photography, to large-scale editorial productions. Honestly it is just so much fun. I get so excited getting to know my incredible clients , hearing what is motivating them, and basically becoming one of their biggest cheerleaders.

I’m sure you know that Createscape has a photo studio. Did our photo studio play a role in why you became a member? Have you ever used it? Do you like having that amenity here? 

I do most of my studio work out of my home studio, but it is really great to have the option to use the Createscape studio space. I've used the space for some personal creative work, and it was really handy to be able to offer a location to models that felt like more neutral ground. Safety is often an issue in the industry (for the models and the photographers, especially as a woman) so being able to propose a place that is NOT in my own home is really valuable.

Did you study photography in school? If so, where did you study? 

I earned a BFA with a concentration in photography from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, class of 2007.  

Have you ever developed your own film? Like in a darkroom? Recently, there was a whole blowup online because of a few scenes in the Netflix show, Stranger Things. The show takes place in the ‘80s and Jonathan was in a darkroom developing film. So a guy on Reddit asked what that red room is (was [he] there “to ‘refine’ his photos or something.”) The question went viral and all “the olds” online laughed about how kids today don’t know what a darkroom is. Were you aware of that whole thing? Would you know what a darkroom is if you saw one on TV? 


Source: Reddit

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that you asked this. To answer your first question - yes! My degree was completed entirely in film and in the darkroom. I didn't pick up a digital camera until 2012. I processed all my own film and all my own prints in a darkroom. I am so appreciative of the education I received around traditional photography processes, because it's spoken into my current shooting and post-production methods. I think the transition to digital processing was a lot smoother than it could have been, because a lot of the stuff that is done in software, now, is based on traditional film processing. So it's great to be able to draw on that knowledge as my career progresses. 

And I LOVE that you asked about the scene in Stranger Things. This really makes me laugh! My hubby and I have been watching the series together, and I actually screamed louder at Nancy for opening the door while he was developing than at any other part in the whole third season!!! HA! I did see that uproar online and found it very entertaining. It does make me a little sad that darkrooms are a thing of the past. There's really nothing like seeing your images slowly come to life. Developing photos alongside friends, with music blasting of course, is a lot more magical in a darkroom than in a computer lab, I have to admit. :) I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for film, even if it doesn't make a lot of business sense for me to shoot with it anymore.  

Are you originally from Austin? If not, what brought you here? 


I'm not originally from Austin! My dad was a pilot in the Air Force, so we moved around a LOT. We have a lot of family from Seattle, so that's always felt like home base to me. And my husband's family all lives there, now, so we are there at least twice a year. All that being said, I have lived in Austin longer than I've lived anywhere else (10 years in June!), so it definitely feels like home, now!


Here at Createscape, we have a few members who are photographers, performers, filmmakers and/or videographers. Has this been a good place for you to network with people in your industry? 


It's been really great to rub shoulders with other freelancers, regardless of their area of expertise. It can be a really lonely way of doing business if you aren't intentional about creating community. I love hearing about other people's missions and seeing how they're approaching some of the same hurdles that business owners face across disciplines. It's also great to be around other creatives, like the filmmakers and videographers. I think we see the world just a little differently, so it's fun to be in good company in that way. :)


Can other Createscape members see your work and follow you on Instagram or Facebook? 

Definitely swing by my Instagram profile ( for some fun photos and a little inspiration sprinkled in.  I wish I could say Instagram was a great representation of my current work (that's a project I'm working on this Fall!) but it's a little all over the place. Up until only recently I was also photographing families, so there are a lot of kids/families in that feed. My website ( is also a great way to connect and see what's new!


Thanks for talking to us!  


Thanks so much for the fun questions! Looking forward to my next "work" day at Createscape!

Photo with girl w/yellow sign behind her: Lifestyle and branding photographs for Katy Olivier of the Collegehood Advice podcast.

Photo with girl w/yellow sign behind her: Lifestyle and branding photographs for Katy Olivier of the Collegehood Advice podcast.

Event and branding photography for the She Should Run Austin Cohort.

Event and branding photography for the She Should Run Austin Cohort.

Brand, team, and headshot photography for Cortez Consulting.

Brand, team, and headshot photography for Cortez Consulting.

Brand and lifestyle photography for lobbyist and #MovementMaker Terri Broussard Williams.

Brand and lifestyle photography for lobbyist and #MovementMaker Terri Broussard Williams.