New Mediterranean Food, Right Next Door

We often consider our neighboring bodega, Native Grocery, like our very own onsite grocery store. They’re fully stocked with great local selections of everything you could want, and the management is so nice and always open to suggestions of new items to carry in stock. They’ve had great homemade tacos since around the time they opened in early 2018, but not many know that they also just recently started a brand new Mediterranean menu as well. I promise this isn’t an ad and I’m definitely not being paid to say anything, but I tried it recently and I thought it was so, so good. 

I posted the photo on our Instagram the other day and I got a lot of comments just asking me what I ordered (I had the salad and rice bowl with kofta kebab). This new second menu can be ordered until 9pm any day of the week and considering the Mexican food/taco menu stops early afternoon, this is a great new option for lunch and dinner if you’re working at Createscape. Check out the menu here and give them some business!


Written by Keller Davis.

Originally published in our newsletter Create.Chronicle as a section “Notes From the Desk of Keller”.