Office Features with the Wow Factor

5 Office Features that will Wow Your Employees


This recently published Inc magazine video is about ways businesses can optimize their office environments to help workers achieve peak productivity. How does Createscape measure up? Let’s see…

1. Standing desks: Standing while you work is so much healthier than sitting for six to 10 hours. You’re also more likely to burn calories when you conduct business on your toes.

Createscape offers standing desks. How can you get one? Simply log-in to your member page and select the stand-up desk membership upgrade. You can also work at our general-coworking bar-top space in the Howdy room. General coworking areas are open to all members at every membership level.


2. Quiet chairs: Workers say when they have access to a private spot for some quiet contemplation or a cat nap, they experience less stress and anxiety.

Well, we don’t have these modern, Men in Black-like egg-thrones, but we do have a few comfy sofas and armchairs in our Howdy and Study Hall lounges. Members can enjoy a brief meditation session or even a snooze -- if you don’t mind napping in public. In the Howdy Room, there is also a TV display with HDMI connections for showing off your presentation.The Study Hall also has a cozy, light-filled lounge, located at the back of the office.

3. Private work areas: Sometimes a person just needs a place to regroup and block out distractions. Separate, private rooms are perfect for when you need to recalibrate your concentration.

At Createscape, we have four private call rooms -- no reservations needed! We also have two conference rooms, each comfortably accommodating up to eight people. Members get one to eight hours of free conference room credits every month. And if you go over your free credits, our member-booking fee is more than half off the non-member price*.

Here’s a cool perk to keep in mind: When conference rooms are empty, members can pop in for up to an hour per day. No reservation needed. Also, these pop-ins do not use any of your free monthly booking credits. How do you know if the Conference Room or Studio are vacant? Just check the scheduling tablets posted next to the Conference Room in the Study Hall.

4. Security access: Workers feel safer when the space is secure.

Createscape is the only Austin coworking office that provides 24-7 access to all full-time members -- not just private-office or designated-desk membership levels.

Our door-code security system and personally-assigned door codes means that only members can gain access to the office at nights, on weekends, and holidays. We also have security cameras posted at office exits.Whenever you hear that dull buzz of the deadbolt sliding open, you can rest easy knowing it’s a friendly Createscape coworker.

5. Energy efficient: Having an environmentally-responsible office shouldn’t be a perk. We take climate change seriously and hope our members do, too.

  At one time, our Tillery Street building was a thriving bread factory. The Howdy Room still has the remnants of a loading dock. And train tracks, now buried under cement, used to stop in our side yard. When it was built in 1953, 701 Tillery wasn’t exactly designed for low-carbon-footprint usage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do our part. Here are some of the ways Createscape tries to be good stewards of a healthier city.

  • We use sustainable cleaning products.

  • We have a Nest thermostats that are on eco-friendly settings.

  • We recycle in every room.

  • We’re a nearly 100 percent digital office, which means we use less paper.

  • We have timers on many of our light fixtures.


*($40 per hour for non-members v. $15 per hour for members.)

Written by Riki Markowitz