This History of Coworking

The word “coworking” was established in 1999 by Bernard De Koven. He wrote, “When I coined the word coworking, I was describing a phenomenon I called ‘working together as equals.’” In 2005 the first official coworking space was opened in San Francisco by a computer programmer named Brad Neuberg. The office, which didn’t seem to have a name, was inspired by hackerspaces of the mid to late 1990s. The space had a handful of desks, free wifi, and community lunches. It’s hard to know for sure based on the articles about the office today, but it may have only been open two days a week. And the doors were locked at 5:45 on the dot. The office closed after one year, but the idea of coworking lived on. 

Createscape opened its doors on June 1, 2014. Started by co-owners Keller Davis, Jensen Yancey, and Brandon Willett, the single school-room style space had 12 designated desks and 14 hot desk workspaces. And our teensy “kitchen” was about half the size as the coffee bar in the Study Hall suite. But we still had a very funky, East Austin parking lot behind the building. 


June 1, 2014: Createscape opens original location on EM Franklin Avenue


September 1, 2014: Createscape’s first doggie member, Marcel, joins! 


August 1, 2015: We relocated to 701 Tillery Street with the original space, the Study Hall.


December 15, 2016: Howdy Room opens (originally just known as the “East Wing”)


February 10, 2018: “Howdy” mural painted.


September 14, 2018: Studio Space opens.


October 16, 2018: Kitchen opens.


December 10, 2018: Groove Room and Main Office open in addition to 2 new call rooms.


March 18, 2019: Outdoor Patio opens.


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