Unwind During the Work Day

It hasn’t been a great week in the news for workers. 

  • A survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that US women are working longer than ever. So where does that extra time for work come from? Mostly snatched from time used for sleep and socializing.

  • This news is especially bad considering that long working hours have been linked to a certain type of health event that’s, well, let’s just say it’s not good. (Hint: it starts with an S and ends with “troke.”) In that study, the authors defined long hours as 10 hours per day at least 50 days per year, and over the course of a decade.

  • There is some good news. Namely, other scientists determined that the “recommended dose” of work for optimal mental health is one day a week. But of course, working just 48 hours a month likely won’t be enough to pay your mortgage and bills.

Coworking is a great way to help you strike a more comfortable balance in your work life because you can be at the office for eight hours -- or even 10 hours -- and still carve out some me-time and heart-healthy, non-work-related breaks. Chatting with other Createscape members is a great way to reduce anxiety and also refresh your creativity. Here are some ways to unwind during the work day:

1. Take a walk over to East Austin Succulentsand Tillery Street Plant Company, located at the north end of our parking lot. Walk through the plant-trail-like aisles and hang out next to the hypnotic water fountain in the greenhouse. This place is super cool. We’re not kidding.


2. Pick up a cuppa down the street at Flitch Coffee. It’s literally a 2 minute walk. They serve all kinds of coffee drinks and snacks in a cute trailer with shady, outdoor seating. The walk will help you burn off nervous energy, calories from your Native Grocery breakfast tacos, and it will help clear your mind and reignite your problem-solving skills.


3. Head over to Native Grocery for a taco break. Or an ice cream break. Or a bag of flavored popcorn break. Native Grocery is not your ordinary bodega. They stock snacks and beverages from all over the world, including organic and gluten-free options. They even have huge display of doggie bones and treats, and chips featuring famous rappers. Word.

4. Hang out on our patio. Getting outside for fresh air while staying tethered to a strong wifi connection also helps you get those creative thoughts churning again.


5. Show up to one of our member events. Every month we have at least 4 events -- a bi-weekly happy hour, midday coloring break, and a once-a-month Skill Taco expert speaker series. These activities are created so that members can get to know one another, they’re great for networking, and just getting away from your work for a bit.