The Groove Room (Suite A-12) is one of our three main work spaces at the office and its primary feature is a 70s design-inspired custom mural. Having opened at the end of 2018, this room has big windows with natural lighting, high ceilings, and leads out to our covered patio. There are custom-made, restaurant-style booths with tables and these all available for open seating. There is a row of 12 designated desks back-to-back along the center aisle, and 5 office pods (greenhouse work spaces) along the back wall. The room is also equipped with lockers for rent, printers, and office supplies. The Groove Room is always open for coworking use, meaning that it is never booked for events/meetings.



The Howdy Room (Suite A-11) opened in late 2016 and is the best room for conversation and collaboration (as long as you’re using indoor voices). The space gets a ton of natural lighting from its east-facing windows, has two private offices connected from it, a comfy lounge around the corner, and a custom-designed mural inspired by the creative energy of Austin, Texas. There are two main work tables in the middle of the room with seating. There is also a deep counter top along the windows with bar stools, and this area is also a popular spot for standing-desk work. The room also has 5 designated desks along the back wall, a booth with tables, a call room, lockers for rent, cubbies for daytime storage, and a printer along with office supplies. The Howdy Room (main areas excluding private offices and designated desks) is available for reserved use for meetings/events after 6pm on weekdays, or on weekends.



The Study Hall (Suite A-3) opened in mid-2015 and is a narrow-style layout stretching from the building’s main hallway to the front, Tillery Street side. The room is a designated quiet work space with a library atmosphere for focused work and productivity without distraction. Short, quiet conversations and calls are still okay to have but generally it is encouraged to be respectful to those working around you. The Conference Room is connected to the Study Hall, as is a private office, call room, a kitchenette, and a lounge. Two long custom-made tables are in the center of the Study Hall with chairs surrounding. An upstairs loft looks over the main area and there are 9 total designated desks between the loft and downstairs area. The Study Hall (main areas excluding private offices and designated desks) is available for reserved use for meetings/events after 6pm on weekdays, or on weekends.



Our kitchen is a community gathering area where our members socialize, eat lunch, grab coffee or a snack, and hang out. We host most of our events in the kitchen and it is also great for impromptu meetings. The kitchen has a refrigerator, microwave, dishes/utensils and two sinks.



The covered patio outside of our main entrance is perfect for enjoying the outdoors on a nice day, whether it be for 1 on 1 meetings, eating lunch. or taking a break.