Meet Createscape's Canine Members, Part II

Here is part 2 of Createscape Canine Members. Last week you read Q&As with members like Tilda, Mike, Ellie, Bradley Cooper, and Eleanor. Today, find out how Wiley, Cardy P., and Denver found their forever homes and what it’s like being Createscape canine members.

Member Q&A with James Cobb and Jason Brock

James Cobb works remotely as a graphic designer at Red Hat (the open source software company) and Jason Brock is a UX and visual designer for Red Hat. Check out the full member interview with both of them about their collaborative experience at Createscape and what they do outside of work.

Coworking Spaces: Not Just For Remote Workers Anymore

Coworking Spaces: Not Just For Remote Workers Anymore

Coworking offices today are pretty ubiquitous, but in 2005, the year one of the first official coworking offices launched, not so much. The idea of corralling freelance, contract, remote workers and small teams into a single space was inspired by hackerspaces of the early 00s and workspaces-as-a-service offices in the 1990s. The biggest difference between “coworking” and its predecessors is the effort that owners put toward creating a community by organizing business and social events.