The office is divided up between a few different work rooms and you are more than welcome to make phone calls or carry conversation anywhere in the Groove Room, the Howdy Room, or the Kitchen as long as indoor voices are used and the volume level is kept courteous to others working in proximity to you. Additionally, we have 4 call rooms available to pop into for use for some privacy, and our two meeting rooms are options for that as well as long as it is empty and you are not conflicting with someone’s booking coming up. While conversation and calls are fine in the Study Hall as well, it is generally a rule of thumb for the space that they need to be quieter and shorter in length as the Study Hall is our one designated quiet zone so that everyone can maintain focus on their work free of distractions.


We have a large free parking lot on the property and you are welcome to park anywhere there. There is also free street parking on all the neighboring roads. We also have two designated parking spots for car2go, and a bike rack behind the building.

Dogs Allowed

We do allow well-behaved dogs to be brought to the office as long as we have a signed pet policy form on file for you. They are expected to be watched after by the owner, be housebroken, up to date on their shots and overall health/hygiene, kept on a leash in the main hallway of the building and property, and not have a habit of barking or causing other distractions. It’s a joy to have some furry friends around the office but we do have to ensure that they are not causing issues for the members and those working. There is no extra charge for bringing your pet.


Our office is open from 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. However if you have a General Membership, Designated Desk, Office Pod, or Private Office, you have 24/7 access included to the space throughout the month meaning you can work “after hours”: early mornings, nights, and on weekends for use of the facilities. Day Passes are valid from 9AM to 6PM Monday through Friday. If you have a Part-Time Membership, you can use one of your five work days each month on any day of the week including weekends, for any hours of the day.


The standard rate for all of our office memberships is month-to-month, however you can get a reduction on that monthly cost for a 3-month or 6-month commitment. Additional we offer 10% for military, students, and non-profit organizations. A group size of 2-3 can also get you a 5% discount, and 4+ will give you an extra 10% discounted. These discounts can not be combined, except for one of the contract prices + up to 10% off with one of the options listed above.

There are a lot of awesome east Austin places nearby to get coffee, drinks, breakfast, lunch or dinner. The best “walking distance” space is Native Grocery since they’re directly next to our location and make delicious homemade tacos and Mediterranean food daily. For the full list of our recommendations, you can check this page out.