Member Q&A with Sameer Vishwanathan

Sameer Vishwanathan was Createscape’s first office pod member. He was also our first member who works in the quantitative finance sector. Find out from Sameer what it’s like to work in an office pod and what a quantitative finance expert is. 

It’s OK if Work is Ruff

Dogs at the office are a stress reliever for everyone. Need proof? In 2018, wrote about a study that looked at whether office pets reduce stress levels and boost productivity.

Meet Createscape's Canine Members, Part II

Here is part 2 of Createscape Canine Members. Last week you read Q&As with members like Tilda, Mike, Ellie, Bradley Cooper, and Eleanor. Today, find out how Wiley, Cardy P., and Denver found their forever homes and what it’s like being Createscape canine members.

Meet Createscape's Canine Members

Meet Createscape's Canine Members

Createscape is dog-friendly, and we sure have an eclectic bunch of pooches around the office with a lot of personality. In this member interview, we asked the dogs themselves to tell us a bit more about what they’re up to and what their backstory is. Read interviews here with Bradley Cooper, Eleanor, Tilda, Mike, and Ellie.

Unwind During the Work Day

Coworking is a great way to help you strike a more comfortable balance in your work life because you can be at the office for eight hours -- or even 10 hours -- and still carve out some me-time and heart-healthy, non-work-related breaks. Chatting with other Createscape members is a great way to reduce anxiety and also refresh your creativity. Here are some ways to unwind during the work day:

This History of Coworking

The word “coworking” was established in 1999 by Bernard De Koven. He wrote, “When I coined the word coworking, I was describing a phenomenon I called ‘working together as equals.’” In 2005 the first official coworking space was opened in San Francisco by a computer programmer named Brad Neuberg. The office, which didn’t seem to have a name, was inspired by hackerspaces of the mid to late 1990s.

Member Q&A with Ireion Anthony

Member Q&A with Ireion Anthony

Ireion Anthony is the owner of TopSpin Golf & Tennis, LLC. She teaches tennis and golf to preschool and elementary school students all around Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

Balancing Work and Fun in the Summertime

More than anything, having a place like Createscape to go to in the summer allows me to keep a clear focus on work versus play. So to those of you coworking with us in June: come for the cool air-conditioning, stay for the great people!

Member Q&A with Jerry Elmas

Createscape was developed to be a place for creative types in Austin to come together for work and inspiration. In this spirit, our more than 100-member coworking space is made up of professionals from scores of backgrounds. To give our supporters an idea of what it’s like to work here, we talked to one of the members who has been at Createscape longer than almost anyone else. Read more of our Q&A with Jerry Elmas, Createscape member since 2014, and learn about Jerry’s unique email filing system. Trust us. You probably haven’t heard this one before.