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It’s OK if Work is Ruff

Dogs at the office are a stress reliever for everyone. Need proof? In 2018, wrote about a study that looked at whether office pets reduce stress levels and boost productivity.

Meet Createscape's Canine Members, Part II

Here is part 2 of Createscape Canine Members. Last week you read Q&As with members like Tilda, Mike, Ellie, Bradley Cooper, and Eleanor. Today, find out how Wiley, Cardy P., and Denver found their forever homes and what it’s like being Createscape canine members.

Meet Createscape's Canine Members

Meet Createscape's Canine Members

Createscape is dog-friendly, and we sure have an eclectic bunch of pooches around the office with a lot of personality. In this member interview, we asked the dogs themselves to tell us a bit more about what they’re up to and what their backstory is. Read interviews here with Bradley Cooper, Eleanor, Tilda, Mike, and Ellie.