Unwind During the Work Day

Coworking is a great way to help you strike a more comfortable balance in your work life because you can be at the office for eight hours -- or even 10 hours -- and still carve out some me-time and heart-healthy, non-work-related breaks. Chatting with other Createscape members is a great way to reduce anxiety and also refresh your creativity. Here are some ways to unwind during the work day:

This History of Coworking

The word “coworking” was established in 1999 by Bernard De Koven. He wrote, “When I coined the word coworking, I was describing a phenomenon I called ‘working together as equals.’” In 2005 the first official coworking space was opened in San Francisco by a computer programmer named Brad Neuberg. The office, which didn’t seem to have a name, was inspired by hackerspaces of the mid to late 1990s.